We have all seen it on the MLS. Homes that are for sale where the photos are blurry, colors are washed out, light from a window makes the room darker, people in the photo, pets, and even fingers. Some you need to tilt your head to the correct angle to view, others you ponder why it was even taken.

Truth is you are probably doing your client an injustice by trying to save a few dollars by taking the photos yourself. Photographers are mildly inexpensive and quite frankly you owe it to your client to represent the house as best as possible to get that home sold. Get those buyers excited about wanting to come see the home. Have amazing photos taken by a professional.

Some of you might have a dedicated photographer at the brokerage you belong to. Others may need to find a photographer that does real estate. Talk to a few photographers. Get a feel for what they offer. If you are consistently listing homes find out if you can strike a deal where you will bring them more homes to shoot.

Here is an example of one where the photographer captured this shot better than what the phone can do. We could have used the first shot for the MLS and been done with it, but to give our client their due diligence a photographer did a much better job at conveying the colors and light that comes into this kitchen, and you can see more of the layout in this one photo.


The professional photographer easily captured how the light comes into the home in each room. Every photograph is inviting and warm, and with the appropriate equipment can show off more of the room to get a better feel for size.

Go out and find a good photographer you can trust. In the long run your listings will look better. Can this equate to better sales? It might, not because the photos will sell the home, but it shows prospective clients that you take pride and care in selling their home. You strive to show the home with the best photos you can take. 

Look for a photographer that has some real estate experience. Mostly all photographers have a website or album to show you their previous work. Some offer other services like video tours (great idea) and aerial video and photos. Find a photographer that gives you the best options.