Growing up in the north where it snows almost every kid has tried at one point to build a snowman. At first before we understand how it works, we just try to push as much snow together as possible to make it grow. In time as we learn we realize it is about starting with a small snowball and slowly rolling up the snow into a large snowball then shaping it to what we need. After that we can take our time and decorate it with a big tall cap, corn cob pipe, a button smile, a carrot nose, and two eyes made out of coal.

So how does this all related to building a real estate business? It is mostly in the fundamentals of how it works starting with small and sustained growth. Let’s start off with the snowball, in real estate we call it our sphere of influence. This is our most direct clients such as clients, friends, family, referrals, coworkers, and so on. It is the core of our business that uses the people we know and trust to ensure we grow.

Just like the snowball has to be made solid to start a snowman you must too put in solid work to start with a strong sphere. As you put in the work to build that sphere you will now see the ball start rolling. You will find that people will refer you to others and your business with begin to grow. Your business will continue growing as long as these new members of your sphere can be treated just as good as the original members. Once you get to the point where you can no longer provide that quality it is time to hire or time to start shaping the business. Just like a snowball that gets so large you no longer have the strength to roll it any longer the next step is to start shaping it.

Shaping your business does not mean you can not continue to grow it just means now you are done with the foundational part and it is time to shape it up to be able to hold up a second level. Just like in a snow man when it is time to add the second layer, we must first complete the base. Next, we start with another strong circle and grow it too to a point where we can put it on top of our existing business and now too start to groom it into what we envisioned.

Unlike in building a snowman this process in business can happen repeatedly growing your real estate business into an empire. While growing your business always take time after growth for a moment to shape up, create a base, and move forward into new segments of business. When the times are right make sure to spend some time dressing the business up as well. Just like a snowman where it is a pile of snow until you install the big tall cap, corn cob pipe, a button smile, a carrot nose, and two eyes made out of coal a business too always needs finishing touches as you grow.

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