Closing Gift Real Estate
Often agents ask me about closing gifts and what is the best thing to give. This is a subject just like all others when it comes to real estate in that there is no one size fits all. To give a good closing gift takes knowing your clients and the best way to do this is to create a good relationship so you know who they are and what they want. Too commonly agents buy some silly item with their brand logo all over it and give it as a gift or some cheesy gift no one wants.

When I reach closing with a client, I have spent at least 15 to 60 days with them listening and learning what they like so that when closing comes I already know what they want. Often, I will use this to my advantage to buy local gift cards for restaurants, hardware stores, or other activities throughout the town they are moving into. I often get people items such as plants or other things that identify with them for around the new property. Most of the time I pair all my gifts with a classy bottle of champagne. On the branded swag here is where I throw in a set of branded champagne flutes but, these are meant as a onetime use and not to become a part of the household. When using branded swag, pens and other cheap items are fine but a branded cutting board, knives, umbrellas, and other expensive items can come off as more marketing so avoid them.

SPA Massage Package Closing Gift

The other key to think of when buying a closing gift is that you should not spend all your money on one gift. There is nothing wrong with giving a closing gift at closing then in 6 months to a year sending them another gift. Year by year taking the time to send them things like movie tickets, a day at the spa, or other experiences is a great approach. Remember when you buy someone an experience it makes them think of you the entire time, they enjoy the experience. If you have a client that reads books, they can also be a powerful gift because every time they pick it up to read, they think about you.

When buying gifts thinking outside the box is the most important thing. When you get someone something they truly enjoy, and it is different your clients will notice it and tell others. One great place to find unique gifts is online sites like Etsy or Amazon. Remember buying someone something at a local big box store does not say personal it just fills the void. While any gift is better than no gift keep in mind gifts keep on giving and often lead to referrals. At minimum shop at a local store and use the time to meet the local store owners and who knows they just may become your next client. In the world of real estate, it is all about relationship building so think about how you will build your next relationship.