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As we all know, staged homes sell best, staged homes often sell for more money and in less days than those homes that are not staged.

Working with a professional stager can be pricey and is not always within budget. That’s why we wanted to share with you some simple steps that you can do to make your home look like it was professionally staged and sell faster!

Make Your Home’s Best Impression With These Staging Tips

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First, declutter your home. Think less is more, when we think of staging it is normal to think we need to add more. The thing is we need to simplify and make less seem like more. Nothing makes a room look larger than removing oversized furniture and replacing it with the correct fit. This goes for everywhere throughout the house including closets and cabinets. We want to make them all look larger by removing the unneeded items and packing them for the move.

This step has two added benefits because decluttering now will make the place look better and your move down the road less work. As a rule, if you haven’t used it in over a year, it’s time to throw it out, give it away, or donate it. This can be a great time to do a great thing for others by donating your lightly used items.

Once you have started packing use a place in the garage, basement or storage facility to neatly organize your boxes. The best result is to take them off the property, but if you cannot then a neat stack in the basement or garage will be fine. Make sure when stacking them not to block anything essential for home inspection or buyers to get a proper look around.

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Make your home more homey. During showings you will have many guests in your home, you really want to take them from being guests and to help them envision living there instead. Think about how you can make them feel at home and allow them to explore openly. When you have showings make sure not to linger around. You want to give the buyer the feeling like that it is open to them and to take their time. The longer we can keep the buyer around the higher the odds of an offer. Sometimes a light snack or candy makes a person feel more at home, make sure you or your agent take a moment to thank the buyers for coming by.

Climate Control Is King. When showing your home, you want to boast how amazing the heating or cooling system is. Nothing indicates better to a buyer how well the system works than a quick feel as they walk in the door. The optimal temperature would be 70 in the summer with the A/C and 72-75 in the winter with the heat. This is sure to get their attention and help them stay longer.

Curb Appeal. Remember a quick lawn cut and edging go a long way. A weekend or two out in the yard can really make a huge difference. Clean up the leaves, brush piles, spread mulch, mow the grass, trim the bushes, plant some annuals. There are so many simple things you can do that spruce the property up and add serious curb appeal. First, we need to get the buyers off the road and into the house so curb appeal is a must.

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Show The Lifestyle. For instance, you might consider lighting a fire in the fireplace or playing some music throughout the home. If there are other features like fountains or media rooms you may want to have those running as well. Showing off all the key features to the home is a strong selling technique.

Neutral Smells Are Best. With so many green friendly people and people with allergies it is best when you use cleaners or scents that you go light and neutral. It may be best to use an organic or nature friendly variety. The best way to get rid of bad odors is to attack and clean the source and not just trying to cover them over. One nice smell can be to bake fresh cookies the day of a showing or open house.

Let There Be Light. Light is the easiest way to make a space feel larger. When getting ready to sell it is time to take down the dark drapes and shades and brighten it up. This is also a time to remove anything blocking the windows from the outside and trim back the bushes. While you are working on the windows a quick cleaning goes a long way.

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Be What Buyers Want. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we want that we forget it is all about the buyers. Grab a few design magazines and follow the trends. Do not get into making this staging be about you make sure it is about the buyers. The more general you be with your design tastes the more buyers you will attract.

Use Local Shops. We all love going in and walking The Christmas Tree Shops, HomeGoods, Elite Repeat, and other consignment shops and now is the time to use them. Sometimes you can buy little items to pull a whole room together cheap. The other thing you can do is buy items you know you are going to want at your next home early and save money by staging with them.

Use Your Feedback. As the seller, do not forget who matters! It is the buyers who run the process, so it is important you listen to their feedback. Remember if more than one person gives you feedback on any item that is very powerful knowledge. It is not always easy to get feedback so usually when you get it the person is saying it because it is obvious. Always request as much feedback as possible and make adaptations based on it.

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