Do you have learning more about Facebook on your new year’s resolution list? Wish you knew a bit more about Facebook and how everything seamlessly works from groups, posting, and ads? Well then they have you covered, you just might not be aware of it.

Facebook has a business learning section called Facebook Blueprint. Blueprint has quick 5-10 minute courses on everything Facebook has to offer. From creating targeted audiences to running groups there are courses for all the features offered.

Best part about Blueprint is that it is free, and easy to sit down and go through a couple courses in no time. You can browse their catalog of all the courses that are offered. Each course goes over best practices for each feature and gives a little quiz at the end. Once you pass the course you get a neat little certificate you can print out and hand at your desk.

There are many courses on each feature Facebook offers, and you can start at the basics of the feature or dive into a deeper course if you know how things work. You can go at your own pace even leaving in the middle of a course and returning to where you left off. 

Take a look at Facebook Blueprint ( and really dig into how things work. We have learned more information on features that we thought we knew, so even if you are a seasoned veteran take a course. When you become that Facebook Pro you can dive into even more platforms like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.