Know Your Customers

When looking for a company to sell your home a lot of people tend to head in the direction of the largest companies versus looking into what is going to be done to sell the home. Here at Movementum Realty we always say, “We are a marketing company who happens to be good at selling homes”. What we mean by this comment is the reality of selling homes is less about selling and more about getting exposure. Most of our time in real estate is spent on getting prospects in the door as compared to the actual sales process. We are not saying the sales process is not important but without getting prospects in the door who are you going to sell the home to?

With a boutique brokerage like Movementum Realty we can offer our clients the most cutting-edge marketing available because we have a full-service team in house. The power in marketing is knowing how to navigate the world of digital/online marketing. With a full-service in-house IT staff, we can create marketing campaigns that get your property to more prospects than anywhere else. If you have ever gone online shopping and been chased around by that product in banner ads, videos, and just about everywhere else you know what we are talking about.

Social Media Marketing Real Estate
With the ability to use tools like Pixels, UTM codes, website tracking, and social pilot it is easy for us to get you the exposure you deserve. Now that we can get you that exposure it creates the need to have good content to put out to the prospects. At Movementum Realty we use both in house professional photographers as well as outsourced ones so we can display your property in its best form. With people looking online before coming to the home photography is important but what is even more important are things like video, drone, and digital floor plans.

Knowing what to use to best market the property is an important step. Everyone hears of video, drones, floor plans, and professional photography and thinks I need that to sell my home. The truth is you want to use the best medias for each home and that is why we create a unique marketing plan specific to your home and what will get it the most prospects in the door. Some of the time we use drone but other times you may not want to see a property from that angle. Another thing to remember is based on the marketing budget things need to change but instead of spending all the money on great content we also need to think about the costs for distribution of that content.

marketing concept

When it comes to getting the property in front of people, we really know how to work that magic. It is crucial to getting the most money out of your home to get maximum exposure. When we are working on our marketing plans on property, we equally balance the amount of content to the amount of exposure to get results. If you are thinking of selling a property it is very important to choose marketing experts. Here at Movementum Realty we would love to send out one of our agents to guide you through the process of selling a home for more money.