Recently I have been on a quest to grow Movementum Realty to new levels. In doing so I decided to ask for help from a good friend of mine Sam Kwak. He is one of the Kwak brothers out of Chicago. These guys are absolute killers and deal makers. I knew if I could pick Sam’s brain he would give me amazing insight into how to grow more efficiently.

While talking with Sam he was adamant that there is one thing and each in every business that is the key to your growth. While each business has a different one thing there is always one that matters most. After taking about a week of thinking about what helps my business grow as a broker I was able to identify my one thing to be hiring. During this time I took time to think of each category item I work on in my business.

I started with buyers thinking more buyers mean more business in real estate. They also mean stats and a possible referral. They can be bought through sources like Zillow, Realtor, and others so they are easy to obtain. While this is  great and all I knew this could not be the one thing as a brokerage.

Next I thought about listings. They offer great potential from a sign out front for marketing to a sale. They also offer building confidence in the market and buyers who did not like the home but still wanted to shop. As I studied this more I noticed that this is a one thing type item but for agents not brokers. As a broker we have one more thing we do that is more important.

The single most important job for a broker to do is recruitment. With recruitment you have the ability to hire new agents and increase both buyer and seller volume. While each other item like buyers and sellers do grow our business neither is going to cause massive growth quickly. Now the question is what is your one thing?

If you are an agent I would say your one thing should be listings. You should work to find listings so you can grow both the buyers and sellers sides to your business. As a broker you should chase recruits so you can grow your entire business. The sooner you retool your focus on your one thing the faster you will grow. As an agent if you are looking for a place that can help you grow your business look no further than Movementum Realty. We are hiring new and existing agents to join our team.

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