In this crazy seller’s market we are in sellers are deciding to make offers wait till they see the whole playing field. For buyers this can be very frustrating. One thing to remember as a seller’s agent is that offers can be rescinded. 
What I mean by this is because things have gotten so tense many buyers are now putting in more than one offer. This means the first to accept gets the buyer and the rest get a quick note retracting their offer. This is a new way buyers can get some of the power back from sellers. 
If the offer is an amazing high money down offer you may want to reassess. I know right now some agents are trying to stick to offer deadlines but in these cases you could end up with an angry seller when the best offer walks away. 
Accepting before you see the entire playing field is not always the best choice but we as agents need to remain aware of all options. The best thing you can do for your clients is always changing based on market conditions.  While we will be in a seller’s market for a bit longer it will not last forever. 
I hope this helps you better understand the risks and rewards of sitting on a good offer. If you enjoyed this blog please check out our podcast, Facebook group, newsletter,  and website all found under  if you have any questions or concerns please leave them below.