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Agent Operations Coordinator

Movementum Realty’s most valuable assets are our “Move Mentors” and our employees. This job’s main goal and function is to offer better support to our agents allowing them to do more business in a successful manner. Your daily routine will be overseeing a group of agents ensuring they are organized, learning, growing, and sharing with us. You will be involved in their daily actions and helping them better use all the Movementum Realty benefits we offer. In this role you will be involved in everything from going to the actual events to adding it to the agent’s calendars to ensure they attend. In this position it is crucial to ensure the agents always understand the value you provide and not see working with you as a chore.

Job Title:           Agent Operations Coordinator

Job Hours:        Hours:  Monday 2-6pm
                           Tuesday through Friday 9-5pm
                           Saturday 9-1pm

Job Pay:            Based on Experience, Commission Based Incentives

Job Benefits:    Paid Holidays:
                              -Christmas 24th & 25th
                              -New Years Day
                              -Thanksgiving Day
                              -Fourth of July
                              -Your Birthday

                          Paid Vacation Time
                          Sick Time
                          Gym Membership Reimbursement
                             -up to $40 a month, must show proof

Job Requirements:

Must Maintain A Massachusetts Real Estate License
Must Possess A Driver’s License and Reliable Vehicle
Exceptional Writing Skills
Expert or Willing To Become Expert With Computers
Self Starter
Flexible to schedule changes, weekends, travel, events, and other company needs
Willing to be on video and in photography for company marketing
Strong Interpersonal Skills


Agent Relations: This role is a management role where you will oversee the agents you will be working with. Learn about your agents everything from their favorite color to their birthday so that you can be a trusted source of help for the agent. When the time comes an agent will be going on vacation ahead of time to ensure they have planned proper coverage or if they are sick help them realign their appointments. As you work closely with the agents and become a big part of their business make sure to solicit feedback on what they do and do not like about Movementum Realty and our systems. As you hear these ideas make sure to bring it up to Management so we can encourage innovation.

Training: As Movementum Realty on-boards new agents you will facilitate training them on company policy, proper Bitrix24 use, marketing, and other company procedures. During the training you will use this time to continue to educate them on what is a “Move Mentor” and how to act as one. The “Move Mentor” concept is something we as a company are looking to grow rapidly with your help.

Events: As the lead person for events you will be responsible for maintaining a company calendar of events. For some events you will be lining up agents to go and on other events you will be attending on Movementum Realty’s behalf. During the year Movementum also has bi-weekly training events, social events, and other events which you will be responsible to both help plan and execute those events. Some events will require food and drink to be set up ahead of the day of the event.

Office Tasks: As the agent operations coordinator it is your job to ensure life as a “Move Mentor” is good here at the office. You will be responsible to ensure we have a properly stocked refrigerator, coffee bar, and snacks. Our goal as a company is to provide a great place to host your license and work in real estate. When we have visitors, you will be greeting them and offering them cold water. During this process you will need to get purchase approval and make trips to the local supermarket.  You also will be responsible for going to get the mail and sort it out for the company, and other tasks assigned by management.

Bitrix24: Working with the agents you will be overseeing their use of our computer system Bitrix24. In order to get accurate analytics from the past business transactions it is crucial everything be entered and removed correctly. In your role you will take a supervisory position to the agents checking that all their leads, contacts, deals, Bitrix drive, and tasks. You will ensure they are using proper Movementum policies and procedures and ensure during deals that the file has everything needed before they receive their commission check. You will maintain their folders ensuring all are named correctly, files are in the correct folders, and dead and suspended deals are in the correct folder.

              -Classify leads
              -Recycle Leads
              -Write Farm Emails
              -Enter lead lists and open house lists

             -Correct naming of files/folders
             -Move closed or suspended deals
             -Ensure listing photos are in folder

             -Client Anniversaries

             -Ensure agents are properly finishing task
             -Monitor agents proper paid leads actions
             -Remove undone tasks that no longer matter

            -Extension reminders for agents
            -Ensure folder is current
            -Ensure docs are good for broker reviews
            -Ensure all checks are properly covered
            -Check that the agent has proper proof of funding and or pre-approvals for all offers
            -Check agency disclosure forms to ensure agents are doing them on the first meeting

How to Apply:

Please call 781-535-7505 or send resume to

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