Movementum Realty was founded by Shawn Moloney in 2011 with the goal of changing the face of real estate. Shawn had visions of a brokerage that offered excellent negotiations and transaction management,a brokerage where you could build a life-long relationship with clients and become their real estate confidant. The desire to create something different led Movementum Realty to become the agency it is today in Hanover, MA.

Real estate is a field where we all seem to know someone who is involved in the industry in one way or another; from a brother who works for a large firm, to a cousin who has a license because she is an attorney. While planning for Movementum, Shawn kept this in mind at all times. The questions that would need to be answered before he could really make the business take off were, how would Movementum stand out and why would someone call Movementum over their cousin, or even brother?

There was one thing that always stuck out while searching for this answer and that was to make sure that Movementum made the transaction process as easy as possible. So many buyers and sellers of property have negative experiences with their real estate agents, especially when it comes to organizing and completing the transaction. Clients often feel neglected and confused when their agents do not explain transaction proceedings to them or are unclear about what needs to be done. Whether you are buying or selling, Movementum keeps its clients informed during each step of the process and handles all paperwork. We are meticulous about every detail to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Movementum Realty takes our fiduciary agreement with clients very seriously and it is our job to look out for their well being, financial and otherwise, at all times. Agents at Movementum Realty are known as Move Mentors. We coined this phrase to show our clients we are not here as a pushy salesperson, but as a mentor to guide you into educated real estate decisions. We look to steer each of our clients to make decisions based on facts, numbers, and life plans. By using these three elements, we ensure that our clients will be able to live happily and comfortable with their choices.

Movementum also thinks that all agents should understand the costs in owning property and what it takes to budget for a house. While working with clients, we ask the important questions to make sure we budget for everything from lawn mowing to who will be removing the pool cover in the spring. The larger the property, the larger the cost associated with the upkeep and all this should be considered when buying or selling. Our expert agents are always working to continue their education on real estate and what it takes to maintain a property.

Having been in the real estate business for eleven years now, owner Shawn Moloney has developed a contact list of talented professionals in every field related to real estate. Movementum is more than happy to help you find a real estate attorney, landscaper, plumber, electrician, mortgage broker, financial adviser, and many other services that will get your property in the best shape it can be. We have formulated a list of top service professionals, which is just one more benefit of joining the Movementum family.

At Movementum, our ability to help mentor you towards the right decisions means you end up more financially secure and with the outcome you desire. Movementum Realty is located at 720 Washington Street Suite 401 in Hanover, MA and serves the entire state of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We opened our doors at the location here in Hanover in March 2018 and are excited to be a part of the South Shore Community. In March 2022 we opened a satellite location in Braintree at the South Shore Plaza taking over the old guest services desk. Drop by and check out our new location anytime! We are open when the mall is open all week and is usually staffed by our agents ready to answer any questions you might have about buying or selling a home.