Working with others can always be a challenge and learning how to get what you need out of them is one of the main reasons. As self-starters, entrepreneurs, business owners, team leaders, and anyone else in charge of others it is easy to think “Why do my associates not do what I ask them to do?” or “Why do I find more success then they do at the same tasks?”. The reality may be different than what you are thinking on this subject.

One of the first things that comes up is that they are not finding the success you are looking for because you have not built them paths to find that success. When working as a team lead of any sort it is crucial that you create systems and document them. Everything that happens within your organization should be documented and have step by step processes that take even the simplest aspect of the task and break it down. By creating these simple guides, you will find your team is finding more and more success.

Another thing to keep in mind is when you create systems and processes you yourself then can not break them. As the person in charge it is easy to say “I know best” and then skip over certain steps or do things that are on the no no list but when we do this and get caught it leads to our team copying what we do and in time leads to total chaos. If you are going to break your own rules than do not get caught doing so and if you do make sure to admit you were wrong for doing so. If you do not admit you were wrong for breaking them and you justify why then you have given your team the right to justify their breaking of the same rules.

One of the fundamental keys to remember here is that no one goes to work looking to fail. The reality is everyone goes to work looking to succeed and to earn more money. By giving your team simple steps to find success you may be surprised how quickly they begin to succeed and create more value for the team. Once they begin to create more value make sure to reward them and to keep pushing them into more and more challenging roles as they become the right fit. If you want to learn more about systems make sure to join our Facebook group “Real Facts on Real Estate” and check out the video section.