Growth in business

In all business growth is the key to finding success no matter the industry. As they say if you are not growing you are dying in business. The reason for this is with each deal you complete if you are not putting more new prospects into the pipeline you are eventually going to run out. In business is the more you do the more you learn which means you can handle more in the future. This means if you are not growing constantly you will eventually not be able to sustain the business especially If you added employees, technology, or equipment aka overhead.

There are two great ways to ensure your business continues to grow that are not as conventional as just running another ad or calling another cold lead. I am going to give you a few hacks that I have learned over the years to help you find more success for a fraction of the cost and with amazing results.

Business men talking

  • Leverage off others

There are already so many great businesses in the world that cover every marketplace and want more exposure. By working with other brands and helping cross promote them you in turn gain the attention of their already loyal fan base. Some simple things like sharing their social media posts, writing their business a review, and using social media locations to tag yourself there can gain you some cheap and effective street credit. Another more aggressive approach is to reach out to these local businesses and offer them an interview on video or in a blog that you can highlight their business and post online.

The great part of these interview videos or blogs are they show that you are a local and are connected. They also are a great way to get in front of the other company’s fan base because more than likely that company is going to share that video as well. The nice part about this is it is a mutually beneficial growth hack that allows for a genuinely fun experience and can lead to some great relationships. Remember people support those who support them so be the first person to extend the hand and they will more than likely reciprocate.

  • Referrals Grow Business

Lot’s of people join networking groups with the idea to grow their business, but the truth is it is not the group that grows you it is the actions you take within the group that helps. All the time people join these groups and get frustrated when they feel they are wasting their time because no one gives them a referral. The key to referrals is to lead by example and to send referrals out and not what group you choose. You can do well in referrals without even being a member of a group.

Nail Salon Referral

You are probably saying “but I do not know anyone to refer!”. This is one of the most common defenses people make when it comes to referrals but the thing with finding referrals to send outbound is you need to be looking and listening for them. In normal every day talk people tell us what they need, where they are going, and what they are doing. The next time someone mentions something even as simple as I am going to get my nails done today, I want you to think of someone you know that works in nails and reply “Have you ever tried Linda’s Nail Bar? They are amazing I suggest you go there. If you do make sure to mention my name and they will give you even better service.” Notice I took a normal conversation and turned it into a referral where they mention my name rather than the normal reply people give like “oh that’s nice”.

It is shocking when you slow down and look at it how often we let these opportunities pass us by. Most likely because we assume, they already have someone in mind to go to. Well I do not think I need to remind you what they say about assumptions!? Start listening more to what people are saying and inject your opinion and I am sure you will be surprised how much people take your word for who is good. The more you can do this the more you can become and authority and in turn when these people start getting your referrals, they will start referring clients to you.

Closing Statement

Business growth is something that must always be on all our minds in this world of big box businesses and tech-based businesses moving in on us faster and faster. Take these two simple strategies and put them in to play right away and I am sure you will see immediate results. Also make sure to check out our new website and subscribe to our podcast and newsletter so you can continue to learn more ways to grow. Make sure to check out the Facebook group for a wealth of business information that is always growing and always free.