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Working in real estate we send emails out at a rate nothing short of a machine gun. In and out all day long go the emails sometimes containing important information or attachments that we will later need. Often when working deals someone will ask me for an email that has already been sent or an attachment that they should already have. Getting these emails makes me scratch my head because it takes more effort to ask for the email again then it should take to find it in your inbox. Here are a few tips to help you not be “that guy”.

Search Feature

Keep in mind all email servers like Gmail and Outlook have a great search feature. You can use keywords to search through your entire box including your trash box but to search that you need to go into the trash then search separately. Some search ques you can use to find the emails you are looking for include the person’s name, the subject of the email, some piece of content included in the email, or the person who sent the email’s email address. Keep in mind if you can not find it in your search to try multiple different search ques as you may not recall all the details.

Email Box


One of the most important things to do in an email box is to create folders and when done reading emails to file them into the proper folder. When I work my email, my inbox stresses me out if it has over 50 emails in it (Yes, I said 50 emails). The reason for that is I use my inbox as a to do list and file all emails as soon as I have handled the task that the email creates. This allows me to look at a clean view of what I need to do and allows me to find the emails again in the future in their respective folder. This may seem like a lot of work, but it is just the opposite it makes everything easier. If you are way behind on this start the process dedicating a little time each day and soon enough you will be caught up with this and the next two pieces of advice I have.

Trash In Email

1) Trash

Never delete any emails unless they truly are trash and do not go to any client or contact that you have. Email boxes allow us massive storage and if you are properly foldering your emails like I suggested your email box will not get cluttered. Trash is something that should be used for auto-emails, unsolicited messages, and other junk email. I keep some competitor’s emails in a folder that I call Marketing Ideas when I get an email I think looks like a good idea for building my business. Keep in mind if you do not go in and clear out your trash regularly it also acts like a giant folder that is also searchable so before you ask for that email again make sure to check here.

2) Unsubscribe

How often do you get crap emails a day? I can tell you I rarely get them and when I do, I immediately go to the bottom of the email, click unsubscribe, and go through the steps to remove myself from the list. If this does not work the next time, I get it I mark it as SPAM and I block the sender to ensure I do not get that type of email any more. Remember not unsubscribing is more work than it takes to sort through these emails so remove yourself from the list. When you do this your email box will become a lot more exciting because you know when you have emails, they are for you.

SPAM Hackers Danger


This is a folder that has been a place many people do not look. Unfortunately, as mail servers try to improve email quality sometimes people’s emails you are looking for end up here. Make it a practice on a weekly basis to go in here and look and delete anything that is not a real email. I caution you while in here this is where the hacks and other bad emails are so if it looks suspect do not open it. If you think you should but are not sure before you delete it email the sender back and ask them if you missed an email from them or ask your company’s IT team to look at the email.

Closing Comment

Working in real estate we are expected to be professionals and requesting the same email multiple times can make you seem very unprofessional. If you start working in your email box like I describe in this blog, you are going to see a lot of improvement in your ability to find emails and provide others with the missing emails they request in a timely fashion. In a world that sends so many emails learn to organize and defend your email box and you will rise to the top. For more great info on being a real estate pro join our Facebook group and tune into the Podcast “Real Facts on Real Estate”