As an essential worker us real estate pros are going out each day and meeting with members of the public. We are going in homes, talking with clients, attending inspections, and so much more. The real question now is not if you are going to do your job but more of how are you going to do your job. I have put together 10 things I am doing at my brokerage to ensure we are safe for both my agents and our clients.

  1. Clean the entire workplace top to bottom weekly and areas used top to bottom daily using products that kill 99% of germs.
  2. Wear face masks
  3. Clean our hands regularly
  4. Before showings wash our hands and put on fresh gloves and ensure to open and close everything for clients
  5. After showings go back and clean up after our clients
  6. Offer all meetings online through Zoom and other sources
  7. Allow the mailing of deposit checks
  8. Host closings in our conference room leaving windows open for air and cleaning before and after closing. Our conference room allows over 6’ of distancing
  9. Offer all clients who come to showings gloves, hand sanitizer, masks, and other PPE as need
  10. Host an open house with two people so one can crowd manage and tour people the exterior of the home and the other agent work inside so they can tour one group at a time.

These are just a few examples of what we are doing to keep our business running and everyone safe. What I have noticed since we started is our clients are really noticing this extra attention to detail and it has even created new clients who came and saw us working this way. If you put your best foot forward each day you work in COVID times it is possible to do it safely and successfully. If you are in real estate sitting on the sidelines thinking that real estate is not going on you are dead wrong. We have had accepted offers both today and yesterday and dozens of showings

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