Are you looking to hear something good that happened during this crisis? Then this is the story for you. Broker owner of Movementum Realty Shawn Patrick Moloney donates some of his extra time towards being a business mentor through the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce’s “Buddy in Business Program”. This program is used to pair experienced entrepreneurs with newer entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and overcome challenges. Shawn was aligned with a company named “Doggspot Designs” owned by Abbi Hatton of Plymouth Massachusetts.

Doggspot Designs is a boutique dog apparel and accessory company that hand sews all their products right here in the United States. The business was set up to make high quality pet products that could be washed and reused. Abbi’s main goal was to sell fashionable dog blankets and bandanas using the most stylish designs that change with the seasons. Up till the point of meeting Shawn, Abbie was doing great and selling a lot of material at trade shows and other events throughout towns. Her main goal was to learn to sell more products online but always insisted to Shawn “I am not going to make my item in another country or make it a mass-produced low-quality item”.

Meeting Abbi Shawn knew that she had a successful business that could scale up all while keeping in mind her goal to be high quality American made pet products. After a few weeks working together they were already learning a lot about where they could take Abbi’s business online. After a few short months of the nine month “Buddy In Business Program” along came Covid-19. This led to an immediate crisis for all businesses, especially a business like Abbi’s who relies on big events to sell their product. At first Abbi decided she would take her talents as a seamstress and start donating sometime working to make face masks from the materials she had on hand. Over time people started also donating to Abbi to allow her to keep making more for the medical people in need.

Shawn reached out to check in with Abbi and see how her business was going. While talking she explained to him how she had been donating masks. During that discussion she mentioned sales were down at the time due to lack of events and she was unsure of her next move for now in business. During that call Shawn talked with her about her skills sewing masks and how she should share them with the public at large. He explained to her how it is great that she can donate some of her time and make masks to give to people in hospitals but that she also could use these same talents in business.

Abbi was hesitant at first not wanting to come off wrong in a crisis but the whole time they talked Shawn worked to help her understand the value she was adding to the community by selling her masks. She not only can preserve her business and feed her family, she also can make masks for those who cannot make their own masks or find them in stock online. It was a win win for everyone involved and that week Abbi started to test the market to see if people were interested. The truth is there was more interest than she could handle, and she quickly sold out!

Once she realized this was going to work she began sewing all the masks she can and putting them up for sale at The business is now thriving again, and the great news is the clients who are coming for masks are leaving with a whole list of other great dog products. There now is even talk of a “Dog Walker’s Package” which would include a matching mask and bandana so you and your fur baby can match. Abbi looks forward to getting back to a place where her dog products are the front line product once again but is showing her true entrepreneurial colors by her willingness to adapt as the market calls for it. Movementum Realty hopes you and your pets are safe during this time and enjoyed this success story. Make sure to hop over to “Doggspot Designs” and check them out. #shoplocal