In real estate there are massive numbers of people “trying” to find success each day. One of the most interesting parts of their quest to find success is most of them refuse to listen to the unwritten rules to success. Often you will hear them say things like “well that works for those people” or “ I am working my hardest” but when it comes down to it they are not willing to do what it takes. Here are five not so secret secrets to finding success in your real estate business.


1)      Show up to the office

In an industry where most everyone is a subcontractor it is easy to not show up to the office and tell people you are working from home. The truth is in all my years in real estate every top producer I know goes in and prospects every day and spends time at their office working their sphere of influence. Failure to go into the office most often leads to lack of prospecting and building out the pipeline for future work. While some agents are able to make working from home work the vast majority are not and are punishing themselves by working from home and never reaching their full potential.

 2)      You Are Not That Important

When following up on a lead there are only two answers yes or no. The client either gives you the thumbs up or says leave me alone. Most agents follow up with people 1-3 times and then give up because they do not want to be annoying. Persistence is key and remember most often when following up with a lead they probably do not even remember your last attempt. As humans we like to think we are so important that the person remembers our every interaction, but the truth is they do not. Unless the potential lead tells you, your being annoying you are not.  Stop putting so much value on yourself and keep following up with your leads.

 3)      Know The Inventory

Before you ever call a client, go on a list appointment, go to or showing, or have any interaction real estate wise make sure to know the inventory. Stop going into things blind and taking your phone out to study the details as the client asks. If that was what they were looking for they would take their own phone out and do it themselves. It Is easy in this digital era for our clients to get info that lets them know who is the professional by having all that data memorized and knowing your sales area. People love to work with the authority in any subject and there is no better way to instill this to be a walking encyclopedia of real estate.

 4)      Marketing Is Your Job

People often talk about the expense of marketing or that they will take on more marketing as their business grows. These both are foolish statements that have easy answers proving they are wrong. First off marketing is an investment not an expense and is about capturing a return or investment (ROI). If marketing is not giving you a return on investment you are doing it wrong period. Secondly if you look at marketing and say I will do it when I have more money and more business explain how you intend to gain new business without marketing. With modern day tools like social media marketing is cheaper and more efficient than ever. All real estate pros should be allocating a large part of their budget to marketing from the start in order to foster constant growth. This stands even more true when you are brand new and no one knows who you are. Use your marketing to create personal brand awareness and create demand for you in real estate.

 5)      Outwork Your Competition

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many people say “I work so hard” or “I am tired” and other cop out excuses to the growth of their business. Have you ever seen how hard people work in farming, construction, or other labor jobs? Now that is hard work that makes you tired. In real estate we pick up the phone or bang on doors to make sales. Imagine if you just put a little more time and energy into making a few more calls a day or drove a few more neighborhoods looking. Simply calling 3 more expired listings, FSBOs, canceled, and leads a day working a 5 day work week means and additional 15 calls a week and an additional 780 calls a year. Even if your conversion is terrible at 1% that is still 7.8 extra deals a year for this little energy. Imagine If you had a normal conversion rate of 3-5%? I am going to go out on a limb here and say that those 23-38 extra deals is probably more deals that you are even currently closing a year!

Closing Statement

2020 is your year and now is the time for you to put these not so secrets to work for your business. No longer accept just “good enough” and start striving to be a top producer. Real Estate is a great business and there is always room for a hard worker to take a big chunk of business and make it their own. If you enjoyed this blog make sure to check out our podcast and Facebook group “Real Facts on Real Estate”.