I used to sit in the living room at night, after work and dinner, and yell at the wife to get her face out of her phone. She was on social media and she loved it. I saw it as an addiction and didn’t want her to fall down that hole. Studies had shown it was more addicting scrolling through a timeline looking at posts from friends and family than some illegal drug regulated by the government. I didn’t like it. I also did not foresee that it was going to become the way to communicate with these friends and family in the future.

Being online was shined up, packaged with a pretty bow, put in a box, and delivered to your door before you could think of what was going to be for dinner the next night. COVID-19 struck the world and to be safe we were all told to distance from each other and stay at home. We were thrust into the digital world to talk to friends, co-workers, and family.

Some have lost jobs because there were no online options. Some had to get accustomed to working from home. For some, it was just another day.

This pandemic the world has had to deal with has brought companies to their knees, shown who can adapt quickly, and who was the silent leader. It has taught most companies that something needed to change, and if you didn’t then it was sink not swim.

We have been thrown into a 10 – 15 year digital age fast forward in my opinion. We have seen the rise of online face-to-face meetings, cloud software delivery, and remote working spring from only being used at Fortune 50 companies to mom and pop shops now utilizing the same tools as a multi-thousand employee company uses. Some companies are finding out that you don’t need to have every employee taking up a desk in a huge building. Saving money on a lease or rent, electricity, cleaning, whatever the cost to house a business.

Ladies and gentlemen we have been thrown into the digital age, and we can only strap in for the ride. We are already fast forwarding to the future. Online virtual trade shows and conventions, online concerts, even our beloved Boston Pops Orchestra has turned to online to continue bringing us joy in music. Is it going to be the same as seeing all this live and in person? No, but at least we still get to enjoy it even though we are at home.

Buckle up people. It’s going to be one heck of a ride from here on out.