In lead generation the single biggest mistake I see made is lack of a good thorough follow up schedule. I am not talking about returning a voicemail or a single message asking them if they are ready to buy or sell. I am talking about a true robust follow up schedule. Calls, texts, emails, soft touch points, visits. marketing, and so much more. So why is the blog name telling you that you are not that important?

Well it is to do with the fact the reason most agents do not have a good lead follow up schedule. The agent thinks that they could “annoy” the client. They feel if they call “too” much there is a chance the potential client gets frustrated. The truth is this thought process is a huge part of the delay to their success. People like persistence in business. While yes some people may be turned off by a persistent business person, most would prefer that too a lazy agent.

Over the years of working in real estate I can not tell you how many clients tell me that they chose me based on my relentless follow up. They say things like “ You never gave up, I want someone like that selling my house” or “Once I met you, you made it clear to me why to work with a professional”. While these things are nice to hear I do not say it for that reason. I say it for the reason that there are self doubters out there questioning follow up.

The best thing you can do is start to document your follow up process and slowly tweak it. Keep records the entire time. As you build up conversions you will be able to use your data to see what works. In my world no lead goes away until I hear a yes or a no. Remember till our client hires us to do the job we are not that important. Once you are their agent you are very important.

I hope this blog helps you understand how to be more important to your clients. Make sure to check out our Facebook Group, Podcast, and Newsletter all under the name “Real Facts on Real Estate”. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.