To Do List In Real Estate

Life is complicated and almost always is throwing more things at us then we ever could accomplish in one day. Sometimes the pile of things to do can seem so daunting that we simply shut down and get nothing done besides thinking about what needs to be done. Does this sound familiar in your life? The older we get the more this seems to grow and get out of hand. One key to remember in all this is that no matter who the person is we all have the same 24 hours in a day, and it is all about how we use it. Here is a great way to deal with more than you ever thought you could get done in an organized and successful way.

High Goals In Realty


One thing that all business owners need to understand is the word leverage and how it can help them get more done. Being a type A personality and running a company can lead to many people thinking no one can work like them and they are needed to get every job done. This is wrong on so many levels that it could be a blog on its own. Understanding that setting up proper systems and hiring the right people can make the difference between finding success and creating a giant mess. The typical definition people understand of leverage is “using other people’s money to grow” whereas in this blog we are talking about leverage meaning “Using other people’s time to accomplish more through employment”

Now Hiring Sign

Hire Slow Fire Fast

Hiring is a big part of growing any business and cannot be truer in any industry than real estate. As we grow our book of business different tasks become harder and harder to find time to do. This is where you take time and think about the tasks that could be assigned to someone else freeing up the most time. Quite commonly the first hire in real estate is an admin or a virtual assistant. Some of the first tasks that are shed off the list to them are making phone calls, filing, follow ups, booking appointments, sending out reminders, and so much more. This is so important because often the foundational items that made our business grow in the first place are often sacrificed in the future due to us not having enough time. Make sure before handing over the work that you have properly documented a system to help the new hire find success and then make sure to always be checking back in on their work and giving them praise as they accomplish tasks.


Once you put on your first hire you will never want to turn back as you see more happening even when you are not actively working on the task list. One of the biggest challenges I always notice people have when putting on staff is greed gets in the way and they feel like why would I pay someone to do something that I can do or better yet that I can do better. This is something you need to be careful of when taking the leap into being an employer. There are going to be tasks that you may be able to complete both faster and with more success but until you give your staff the chance to learn they will never be able to prove that they can excel without you. The reality is this is going to allow you to challenge you more and take on things that you never had time to do or feared that you could not yet do.

Compensation Is Key


When looking to pay employees or subcontractors one thing you want to make sure of is that you are paying them fairly and to the best of what you can do. Often employers look to squeak out every bit of value while paying as little as possible but what this leads to is the eventual loss of a great employee. When possible adding incentives to hit certain goals can really bring out the best in your staff. Keep in mind we are all human and everyone goes to work looking to find success so building your staff great paths to success will help you grow at staggering rates. If at any time during the growth you feel like something is off do not hesitate to reach out to a business coach or to take some alone time and think about exactly what is going on. Being a leader takes leading the way so make sure to be there for your staff when they need you the most.