I can’t stress it enough that it is VERY important to make sure that all your software is up to date on any PC or Smartphone. With businesses in Massachusetts you might even be in violation of rules not keeping your system updated. Updated software protects you from the bad stuff that floats around on the internet. PERIOD.

Here at Movementum Realty our agents deal with the personal information of their clients. We require all agents to sign our Security Program that states all agents and employees need to keep their computers and smartphones secure and updated at all times. They also follow other rules and regulations set by Movementum Realty to ensure that their clients don’t have to worry about their personal information.

In this time when we are all trying to be safe from a pandemic online use has become more commonplace. Using an old computer or phone that is not running the newest operating system, not using virus and threat protection software, and not keeping everything updated means that you are open to issues and problems if you ever get infected.

Buying a new laptop or smartphone cost wise is far less than you will pay if you ever lose personal information. Between the fines, fees, possible court hearings, loss of license, and loss of your job buying an updated device is a far better choice than taking the gamble of losing your client’s personal information.

It’s also better when meeting with a client to have a device that is in proper working order and always updated. Bringing a slow old laptop to meet a client is not only embarrassing but shows your client that you don’t take care in the handling of their personal information. Having to tell your client that the reason you can’t show them a home on the internet because your “computer is old and slow,  you should buy a new one” is not a good idea.

  • Any computer that has Windows on it, be it the home PC, laptop, or tablet should be running Windows 10. (as of this writing)
  • Any computer made by Apple, be it the home computer or laptop should be on MacOS 10.15.6. (as of this writing)
  • iPhones and iPads should be on iOS 13.6. (as of this writing)
  • Chrome tablets and laptops should be on ChromeOS 84.0.4147.110. (as of this writing)
  • Android smartphones and tablets should be on Android 10. (as of this writing)