If you are interested in taking some photos, starting a podcast, or shooting some videos you do not have to spend a ton of money to get started. You can get started on each one of these great marketing tools with the cell phone that you carry around with you everyday. There is no need to go out and get a $5,000 photo camera, or a $5,000 video camera, or studio time to record a podcast.

Your phone can pretty much do all of these and with some quality too. I wouldn’t go shooing a new listing and using the photos on the listing, but if there is a feature you need to show a buyer, or demonstrate that the home is a few second walk to the water your phone works wonders. The video our cell phones can take these days are very good quality and work very well on all social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With video being very popular on these social platforms your message can stand out more and could possibly attract more clients.

For podcasting most major podcast host sites (where you podcast will be stored) will either have the best recommended app to use for recording or even have the functionality on their own app. Check with the podcast hosting to see which options they have and offer. Our phones are tuned already to deliver quality audio when talking to others, so why not tap into it to record your podcast. Later down the road when your podcast takes off you can even spring for a microphone that connects to your phone for even better quality!