Do you have goals in line for the winter months? I know a lot of agents who talk about the winter slow down and how their sales slope. I often wonder why this is but the longer I am in the industry the more I notice it is person by person. What I mean is some people allow the holidays to enable themselves to not keep to their normal work habits.

By creating winter goals it is easier to find the extra motivation to push. I know the early darkness, late night parties, food, and holiday cheer all get in the way but let’s stop and think for a moment. Image if instead of looking at it as a down season we looked at it in more of a pragmatic way. Thinking “What if I am busy this winter” and “How can I be busy this winter”. Once we set this type of thinking off it is important to now choose our goals.

Some goals I would recommend are.

  • Sales goal
  • Marketing Goals
  • Follow up goals
  • Gift giving goals
  • In person meet up goals


By setting and working towards these five winter goals you are going to have a head start on everyone coming into the new year. Remember real estate does not have to be cyclical it is just a matter of how you set yourself up. I hope you put these goals to use and crush winter 2020-2021. If you enjoyed this blog make sure to check out our Podcast, Facebook Group, and Newsletter “Real Facts on Real Estate”. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.