In real estate often people speculate on where the market will go. While this is always important to have a pulse on I want to bring a new idea on this topic into your mind. As real estate professionals whether people are winning or losing most of the time we are getting paid. From attorneys working on documents for bank foreclosures to the agent hanging the sign out front most industry pros have work even during lean times.

For real estate investors the deals are found most of the time when the markets are down. As they say most of the money is made in the purchase not the sale. So how can we pay attention to this? Well let’s start with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and attorneys. These people should spend time meeting and greeting foreclosure specialists at the banks, bankruptcy attorneys, court magistrates, divorce attorneys, and others who get the inside track on hearing about these properties. This way when the time comes they hear about something they will think of you.

For investors you want to meet property managers, business attorneys, bankers, real estate brokers, and other real estate professionals. Often by the time something hits the market it is too late to get a deal. Buying a deal is where you make all your money so be careful. Off market deals tend to have the most meat on the bone.

The next time you think about where the market is going instead of being worried about it engage yourself in useful behaviors. If you take to this practice you will be sure to win more often in any market. If you enjoyed this blog make sure to check out our Facebook Group, Podcast, and Newsletter “Real Facts on Real Estate”. Please leave any questions or comments in the feed below.