As a homeowner and or business owner you should know what Mass Save is and what it could mean to you. Mass Save is a group put together by the state and local utility companies to help people make their properties more energy efficient. For the purposes of this blog we are going to highlight some of the amazing things they offer residential clients. 

Home Energy Audit

This right here is a no brainer! They offer a free home energy audit that helps you understand where you can save energy. Saving energy means saving money all while having a warmer home. During this audit they will identify any and all programs you qualify for from rebates to full out free upgrades. This service is at no cost and simple to book.


Depending on the year and time of year they always have different rebate programs. Oftentimes you go into the store, purchase the item then send in the rebate information. Right now they currently have rebates on thermostats like the Nest, heating systems, water heaters, air purifiers, and so much more. These rebates are on items you already would be buying. Some of the rebates are so large you may just be able to buy that cool upgrade you always wanted. 


Does your home have some drafts? Maybe it does not even have drafts and you just want to make sure it is 100% energy efficient. Mass Save offers 75-100% cost covering for insulation, air sealing, and other weatherization processes. This amazing program has been running for years so why are you still cold? Warm up with this amazing program today!

The time to take action is today. Jump over to Mass Save and see how much extra money you can keep in your pocket this holiday season. We hope you enjoyed this blog. Please make sure to check out our Facebook Group, Podcast, and Newsletter named Homeownership. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments.