Often in real estate we play cat and mouse with our clients. We  are always trying to find something relevant to say to them and then trying to get in touch. During holidays one thing we know is that people tend to be more likely to be home. That said this year it is exceptionally true with Covid-19 going on and the Fourth of July.


Do you have people who you get along with great as clients but it is always hard to track them down? Do they live close by and you could drop off a gift for the holiday? Are they someone who was in the military and you could drop off a new flag? The who of this is anyone you want to contact that is within your circle and not just a cold lead. Do not waste your holidays calling cold leads unless you are a beast and working the entire day. Focus on high priority people first to make a long lasting positive impact.


It could be as simple as a phone call wishing them a happy holiday and checking in to see how COVID treated them. If you know business owners see if they need any help around the place reopening. You could pop by and leave off a gift at the door. You could call in delivery to their house (On this one let them know it is coming so they can plan). Another thing you could do would be buy a ton of flags and put them in clients lawns with a small thank you note taped to it. Use this time to be creative and come up with something unique they will remember for years to come.


In a world with so many crazy things going on there is nothing people appreciate more than a simple act of kindness. Do not do this in a business growth sense as much as you do it in a community building and networking approach. There are a lot of special people in all of our circle of influences and it is times like the holidays that we can let them know how much they mean to us.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July and thank you to all those who served. If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to subscribe to our Podcast and Newsletter “Real Facts on Real Estate. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please leave them in the comments section below.