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I am sure you read this heading and thought what the heck does that mean? The reality of working with clients is that they are very much like a three-year-old in how you need to work with them in order to have a good relationship. We all know when a child hits the age of three, they are at the age where they “know everything” and need to do it all themselves. The first times we see this are events like getting dressed, tying their own shoes, and other “helpful” tasks. Clients are just like this because most of the time they have no idea what they are doing but they want to help and to be a part of the transaction.

The best way to deal with this is the same way you deal with it when working with your child. Some key things to remember are that they will not move as fast as you, they will pretend to know more than they do, they will get hurt feelings if you do it for them, they will say hurtful things under pressure they do not mean, and most important to remember they do not mean to be a pain they are only trying to help. If you can keep these simple concepts in mind you will learn to work better with your clients no matter what part of the deal you are working in.

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The most important thing to remember when working with them to avoid issues and speed up the process is to be an educator. Being an educator is not as easy as it sounds and for most people who are really good at what they do it can be a real challenge. One thing you want to make sure of when being this educator is to step out of your own shoes and to put their shoes on and think like they would think. This means taking the information and turning it into bite sized pieces that move from step to step never leaving out any details no matter how minute they seem.

As an industry pro we often forget that the client has never experienced the process before or if they have it has been so long ago that it has changed, or they have forgotten how it is done. Doing something day in and day out we tend to take light of the matter. In real estate we are spending hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, so this process is not only complex but is also stressful. The next time you are working with clients think about how to drip more info on them across the entire process always alluding to the next step, so they not only know where they are but also where they are going. Keep in mind you are never being annoying or telling them to much unless they tell you that you are. More often then not when we are not in front of them, they are feverishly scanning the internet for more info to quench their thirst for information.

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With all this in mind it is easy to see that the best way to help a client is to educate them the entire way. If you act as the educator not only will your deals, go more smoothly and timely you also will get more referrals. The number one complaint I hear when dealing with complaints is the client felt blind sided by dates or requirements. If your clients always feel in the know and understand what to expect next, they will leave the deal a raving fan. If you want to learn more about success in real estate, make sure to join our Facebook Group or listen to our Podcast “Real Facts on Real Estate”.