Building a team has been a trend in real estate that has been growing with popularity. It is something that makes perfect sense in an industry like real estate. Not many jobs require someone to know marketing, sales, finance, administration, and so much more. Real estate professionals must learn to navigate all these fields and so many more. By creating a team you can bring in other talents that you do not have through hiring.

Time is something that no one ever has enough of. By building a team you can start to learn to leverage off of other people’s time. This means even when you are not doing something sometimes your people still are. When things get really busy two people can work on it together getting it done even more efficiently. When you find the right people for your team they will have strengths that fill in the gaps of your weaknesses.

As you grow as an agent with the lack of time we have the chicken or the egg problem of chasing leads vs working deals. We run back and forth from each but mostly focus on the deals because they are live and pay. This can mean we have ups and downs to our sales cycle. By having a team you can ensure proper lead generation and follow up. Do not forget to keep your circle of influence in your influence by follow up. Teams tend to have much better touch points with their clients.

While building a team is not for everyone I would highly recommend it for the eager agent. The work it takes to build will pay off when you watch it grow. If you are looking for a brokerage that fosters team growth please reach out to us at Movementum Realty we are hiring new and existing agents. Please make sure to check out our Facebook group, Podcast, and newsletter . If you have any questions please leave it in the comments box.