When starting in real estate we all face the difficult decision on where to hang our license. There are so many different companies and so many different business models. Unlike most jobs where pay is very similar for the same job throughout different companies in real estate it is wide spread. We have everything from 100% commission companies to 50/50 splits and beyond.

I can see how this can lead to a lot of confusion when it comes to figuring out what company to hang your real estate license with. Do you go for the gold and take 100% or do you go for the promise of growth and take a lower cut. Well the truth is it all depends on what you are looking for in your company. Each company is a good fit for someone all the while is a bad fit for another person.

At Movementum we like to think the best choice to make is what brokerage will ultimately help you grow as a person and as a brand. Who has programs that compliment what you are already doing and offer support when needed. That is why we built the commission and business structure we did. We offer a generous commission split paired with an endless amount of attention. Our agents constantly are being offered free training opportunities and technology to help build their business.

As a tech based brokerage that is always growing we like to think we offer one of the most competitive commission/business plans in the industry. Our focus is on our agents and how we can help them grow their book of business. In our eyes spending our time and energy into helping our agents expand their businesses will pay off in the long run. The biggest piece of advice we have for anyone getting into real estate is to find a brokerage that will invest in you.

If you are looking for a brokerage that will invest in you look no further. Reach out to us here at Movementum Realty and we would love to talk about you becoming one of our Move Mentors. At Movementum we call our agents Move Mentors because we believe the are a guide and mentor in the process of buying, selling, and owning homes. I hope this helps you decide where you would like to hang your license. If you would like to check out our Facebook Group, Podcast, Weekly Newsletter, and website they all can be found at www.realfactsonrealestate.com. Please leave any questions or comments below.