As real estate professionals our industry is under attack from every angle. Any industry where there is big business will always be subject to changes. Currently the world is revolving faster than ever into a technological world. The real estate industry is seeing this faster and faster each year. With so many new technologies it is important to think which ones will help my business and which ones are just costing more money.

Recently our local board decided that one good technology for us is electronic lock boxes. While I will not argue silly points on this fact, one thing that concerns me on all these tech gadgets is who pays for the tech and then who pays for the subscription. Luckily right now all the burden of cost is on the agent who decides to use the electronic lock box and other agents showing the house can get  access for free. That said this is something that we must remember and hold the line on.

One thing most people forget is with big tech it is all about making the tech cheap at first. As you see the adoption rate increase we also see prices increase. Once they reach a point of saturation of a market is when the tech companies come out rearing their ugly heads. This is when they go to a more forceful approach. They now move to a more forceful billing and adoption strategy.

While electronic lock boxes are the current talk, let’s think of some others to watch out for. E-Signing, CRM, Internet based leads, showing managers, and so much more are out there. We as agents and other industry professionals must think to ourselves is this progress or is it just an added cost. As a tech friendly brokerage I will say most is progress. I do warn though we must always bark back at these companies. If we wish to still have a job and earn a living we must learn to decipher the difference between trustworthy tech sources and others who plan to invade our industry.

Lastly when signing up for all this new tech make sure to keep in mind privacy. With every app, especially free ones comes the need to sign a user permission. Make sure to read what data they are taking from your phone and weigh out the alternatives. 2021 moving forward is really exciting and full of great tech just make sure to stay educated and safe. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Make sure to check out our Facebook Group, Podcast, Newsletter, and Website If you have any questions or concerns please leave them below.