This morning before the alarm on my phone went off I was brought back to reality from the dream world by three email alerts from eBay. All were from customer service saying that it was great to talk to me today and to change my phone number on the account to visit a link to update my profile. Unless I have started sleep walking, or sleep shopping, I did not contact eBay to change any information.

Normally I would think that these emails were spam and the links would send me to some place not on eBay to change my information. I logged into my eBay account and there in the message center were the same three emails sent to me. It seems someone had called eBay to gain access to my information. Thank the stars that eBay just didn’t go ahead and change anything. They just sent instructions to change the information.

My eBay account is eons old. I mean REALLY old. I created an account on eBay back when they started and to be honest, I may have changed that password maybe twice in its lifetime. Today being in the tech industry the inner me started yelling at the other inner me;


In this day and age with all the data breaches it is very wise to not use the same password on multiple sites. If your data is stolen and someone gets your password they now have access to all the accounts that used that same password. So we try our best to have different passwords and remember them all.

We know that our agents have multiple logins to multiple sites to do their business. Our website, CRM, MLS, Sign ordering, the list goes on. To keep track of all the passwords, we recommend they get a password manager, like LastPass.

LastPass is a password vault that works on any device. It has extensions for all the popular browsers, PC, Mac, and Smartphones. It will hold all your login information for any website and even generate new more secure passwords for you. All you need to remember is the one LastPass password and that’s it. If you change a password on a site that is stored in LastPass it will ask you if you would like to update the entry. LastPass has both free and paid subscriptions.

LastPass is what we recommend to our agents to use, but there are others out there. 1Password, KeePass, Bitwarden. They all work the same way, most you need to pay for. Just make sure that the password manager is a known password manager. 

Should you use your browser’s password manager? We don’t recommend using the browser password managers. Most of them fall short on features and security. Best to stick with a company that their only job is to keep your passwords and protect them. So use a password manager to keep all your information secure and ready to use. Make sure that all your passwords are different at each account. Following these rules should keep your information at hand to be used and secured to make sure that it stays with only you.

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The author and Movementum Realty were not paid by LastPass or LogMeIn to write this article.