TOMA is one of the most important acronyms in real estate. It stands for top of mind awareness. In all sales businesses it is important that your customers know and love who you are. We must always maintain a constant spot in their top of mind awareness.

In the modern world with more distractions and faster change than ever this is crucial. Why? You might ask. Simply put people use the real estate agent that they think of synonymously with real estate. This to some agents is only found out the hard way. One day they open the paper or talk with a relative and learn they have moved. At this point they get mad at the wrong person. Instead of getting mad at themselves they get mad at the relatives.

When we think back to this situation it should be clear to us that the reason they did not choose us was TOMA. The fact that most agents rely on the sole factor that they know someone as a reason they will use them to transact. This could not be more far from the truth. Just because you are related, have the most knowledge, or are the best choice does not always matter.

People choose to use the agent they first think of when thinking of real estate. Now it is time to think about how to become that agent. My suggestion is a robust CRM and follow up schedule with your entire sphere of influence. New and old clients and contacts alike should be constantly and consistently hearing from you. Once you start the rhythm of your constant contacts you will notice immediate results.

Stop wondering why people are choosing other agents and look in the mirror. Remember the first half of the day is for follow up and prospecting. Without your sphere of influence you are just another Realtor. I hope this helps you find more sales in 2021. Please make sure to check out our Facebook Group, Podcast, Webpage, and Newsletter named Real Facts on Real Estate. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.