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A “Move Mentor” is a real estate agent that works for Movementum Realty following their moral and ethical compass as well as the company’s guiding principles. A lot of time the word Realtor® is used interchangeably with the word real estate agent. Today we will explain what makes a “Move Mentor” different than a Realtor® and why we choose to be an independent real estate brokerage.

Real Estate Agents Sell Homes

First let’s start with Realtor® which is a word created by the National Association of Realtors®. This word is commonly use replacing the word real estate agent. The reality is all Realtors® are real estate agents and some real estate agents are not Realtors®. What it takes to be a Realtor® is paying your dues to the organization and signing off on their rules/regulations. The strange part about this group is that the majority of the public as well as the Realtors® do not know is it is one of the largest PACS (Political Actions Committees) in the USA. As a real estate brand Movementum Realty does not stand for political lobbying and believes the vote belongs with the people. We stand strong with the freedom of all individuals to be who they wish to be without big money interference. No matter which way a PAC votes we refuse to take the rights away from the common man.

Move Mentor Real Estate Agent Realtor

When building Movementum Realty broker owner Shawn Patrick Moloney knew he wanted to offer something different than what was offered anywhere else. He wanted to offer a new age real estate agent that acted more as a guiding light than a pushy salesperson. One way he knew he could do that was to create a unique offering by creating “Move Mentors”. A “Move Mentor” is a real estate agent that does not act like a pushy salesperson but sees themselves more as a mentor to the sale or purchase of your real estate. As a Move Mentor our agents have access to ALL the homes on the market which means we can get you information and showings on EVERY home. Instead of our agents working to sell you the first home we see we work to mentor you into finding the right home.

Homes for sale take keys to get in
When it comes to selling a home the actual sales part of our job as an agent is very important but only takes up a little bit of our time. During the majority of time in the transaction we are mentoring our clients on a list of items including finding their next home, moving, staging, marketing, time management, negotiations, contracts, and of course lastly sales. Shawn saw it fitting that he taught his agents to be moral, ethical, and well trained so that they could act as this mentor resource to our clients during the entire process of a real estate transaction.

IT help for real estate agents

To better equip our agents for success Movementum Realty has a full time IT and an administrative assistant watching over all their deals. Our “Move Mentors” spend the majority of their time being marketing and networking experts ensuring their clients are getting the most value out of their mentor as possible. Working with a “Move Mentor is meant to be a luxurious experience making one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make go the way you want it to go.

Real Estate Agents Finding Success

Shawn new that working as a “Move Mentor” would be a great job for agents because they would be able to know they always put the client’s needs first and acted as a true fiduciary. When looking for a real estate agent make sure to look into how they run their business. We highly suggest using of our “Move Mentors” so that you too know your agent is putting your needs first!