We would like to announce and welcome a new real estate agent to our family at Movementum Realty.

David Wylie, born and raised in Plymouth, brings his passion helping people find the home of their dreams. David served in the United States Army with the 1st Ranger Battalion. He has been deployed to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. After his duties were completed David started studying accounting at Curry College and is now working towards his Bachelor’s Degree.

David enjoys sports of all kind but really enjoys baseball, football, and basketball. He also loves spending time outdoors occasionally hiking, fishing, and hunting. David enjoys all this with his family and four little girls.

Being interested in real estate David received his license in 2018. He love meeting new people and enjoys helping others with their real estate needs. We are very exited to have David join our family here at Movementum Realty. Please visit David’s Facebook Page and give him a follow and also visit David’s Agent Page for a bit more information and to contact David.

David’s Facebook Page

David’s Agent Page