Over the past few months we have been getting abnormally high levels of rain. This means more people than ever are getting water in their home. During the sale of a home in Massachusetts we must disclose all known material defects. Often water intrusion is one that sellers want to lie about.

First off we can not because that is illegal but secondly did you know if the seller lies to you but you still know you must still disclose. If the courts can prove that you should have known as in water stains or other obvious signs that you the list agent can be held accountable as well. This means you need to be careful when it comes to water.

Even if it was just one time during a storm that was not normal you must tell. The thing is you are better off to be honest because if they find it after then you are a liar. When people find issues after lies it brings them to more concern. When we let people know the truth about the house they will still be interested they just now will also be educated. Save yourself the headaches of lawsuits or bad home inspections and do the right thing.

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