Buying a home is one of the most exciting times in life. We have so many choices from style home to choosing a town the options are endless. This brings us to the problem which is figuring out wants vs needs. When working with clients looking to buy homes often the first question we have as agents are what your wants are and what your needs are. Let us break down what makes something a want vs a need.


Needs are the things that we must have in a home and will not buy it if they are not there. Only the buyer can set these needs, but they tend to include items such as a first floor bedroom, the ability to park a large item, an in-law, handicap access, or anything else that makes the home work for your needs. Sometimes people will include items like a garage, a pool, a fence, or other items that they must have to buy the home. This is where the confusion comes in on what is a want vs what is a need.

In Between Want Vs Needs

These items like pools, garages, fences, and so much more are items that people say that they want in a home and others say it is a must. Even when it is now a must the question we then have as an agent to our buyers would be what if the property could be adapted to be what you need. This could be true of a home with a big lawn where a potential pool can be built. This is the point where the buyer needs to let us know if they would take on the work to make that home work for their needs. After discussing these first two items we now have the last category which is wants.


Wants are a big part of real estate. We all dream of the home with every bell and whistle. In time we learn we may have to make some concessions to stay within budget. That said it is important for our clients to let us know what it is they want so we can do everything possible to find them the perfect home. As you look at homes online start to put together your wants and needs list.

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