More and more now we are running into clients who want to see a property who are either not able to travel to the home to see it or are out of state. We even have had final walk through and showings that were done through pre-recorded videos so that we can all still practice social distancing. So what do you do in this situation with the video?

YouTube is a fantastic platform that is free that allows you to upload videos and share the link to the video to your clients. You have options (and is recommended) to privately list this video so it is not searchable on YouTube and can only be viewed with the link. Once you have the video uploaded and have the share link you can send it to as many people as you would like.

To create a YouTube account just sign into YouTube with your Gmail account. This can be any address you have or any G Suite account you might have with your business. You can upload videos using your computer at the YouTube website or on your phone through the YouTube app available for Android and iPhone.

PSA – If you shoot the video with your phone which will be the easiest, make sure to tilt your phone to landscape mode. Your TV doesn’t sit sideways so hold your phone the same way as a TV. This will give you a better view of the home.

Once you upload the video to YouTube you can set the permissions for the video. We recommend listing it as “unlisted”. This will make the video unsearchable and you will need to send the link to the video for someone to watch. Setting the video to unlisted protects the people and home in question from unwanted persons viewing details about the property, especially if the property is still being lived in.