When you are buying a home or selling a home there is a point in time where you must call in for the final readings. Often, we are asked exactly when is that done. With the TRID laws in place it is important to get these readings done ahead of time so they can be put on the proposed closing disclosure so on average 10 days ahead of closing. If there are small adjustments to be made TRID allows for that but big changes can delay the entire deal.

As a seller you can call in the electric and gas company and give them the closing date to change over the services and just call to adjust it if that date moves. As the buyer you also can call ahead and let them know when you will come in possession of the home for a smooth transition. For sellers with oil, propane, firewood, water, or anything else measured you want to call in weeks in advance and schedule the readings for about 12-15 days before closing so you have the numbers. As a buyer on these items you just want to make sure at your final walk-through you verify what they are charging you vs what they are leaving you.

For sellers on items like cable and internet you can call in ahead and let them know the closing date some companies even offer a move package where you take your old equipment with you on the move. As a buyer you want to make sure you call in at least a week or two in advance and schedule an install so that you are not having to go through time without the services. For buyers and seller on service providers like tree services, private trash, irrigation, water delivery, lawn services, pool services, and other things like that it is a good practice to communicate and as a seller offer the list of people you have taking care of the home.

The key to remember in this whole process is communication is everything and you can not be over prepared. Closing time brings in a lot to get done so setting these items up in advance will allow you to have a clear head and if you forget something you still have time to get it done. One big part of having this all go smooth is to have a great real estate agent. If you are looking for someone to help you buy or sell a home or even both Movementum Realty would love to connect you with one of our highly trained real estate professionals.