Just like the caveman we all go with what works for others. For so long the caveman dragged things around or used levers to move them. Then one day they noticed that making it round made it move and slowly there came the invention of the wheel. It took until 3500 BC for the wheel to be mastered even further into the wagon wheel we know today. As we can see with modern tires and drones we are progressing as society every day.

In real estate we have the same thing going on in so many ways and dealing with Covid-19 has only accelerated it. Thinking back eleven years ago to when I started in real estate we used to drive checks place to place and need to be in person to get signatures done. Now we text or email checks and mail then after. When it comes time to sign we use platforms that all us to e-sign. The world is getting better each day it is just a matter of how you look at it. 

Folders and Paper

Eleven years back computers were there but the technology was not as advanced as today. Then it was still more efficient to work on paper and folders unless you had a lot of money to dish out on a great program. Now we have amazing CRMs in so many places that are free to us. Whether it be the Zillow Premier App, Dotloop, MLS, Bitrix24, or any other program that offers free CRM it is a great place to get started. At my company we have custom built our CRM so far that paper and folders are practically gone and all online available anywhere by computer or phone. 

Social Marketing

We talk about marketing all the time and are willing to dish out big money to get the prime locations. All the while overlooking free ways to use social media to market our real estate businesses. Now we have seen so many people switch to social marketing it makes me wonder what is next. If you are not social marketing yet it is not too late but I would pay attention to the next horizon. The prospector gets the worm for sure when it comes to marketing. When looking at marketing, always focus on ROI.

Real Estate 2020 On

If you are still not willing to accept post Covidian times it is now time to wake up. We are here and going out the other side whether you, your doctor, your mask, or anyone else likes it or not. An economy and globe can not stay shut forever for a magnitude of reasons. If you are looking to take your real estate career to the next level then reach out to us here at Movementum Realty. I hope you enjoyed the blog please feel free to leave comments below. While you are at make sure to join our Facebook group, Subscribe to our Podcast, and sign up for our newsletter “Real Facts on Real Estate”