In the real estate market it is funny how we go from too many sellers to too many buyers based on the market. In the extreme seller’s market we are in, the inventory has been extremely low. What this means as a buyer’s agent is you are carrying people for a long time. Like a snowball it continues to grow and grow. What we are looking for is an avalanche of sales. 

The issue is just like a snowball if it is not sticky enough the snowball falls apart. How do we create this stickiness for our clients? Well the key is relationship building. Instead of being the agent that is just out for the sale make sure you are building relationships. Relationships take honesty, integrity, and constant communication. 

Everything from letting them know when you look and there is nothing new all the way to figuring out how to get them a showing when things are booked. We as agents need to learn to always ensure the client feels comfortable with us. As the market begins to shift into a spring market the new issue will be so many listings coming on. 

This means your buyers are all going to want to get out at once. The key thing to remember is make hay when the sun shines. Make yourself stick to time blocking and scheduling as many appointments as you can. If needed think about recruiting a showing agent or partnering with another agent to ensure all your clients are getting attention.

I know it can be hard to show so many properties in one week but the time to strike is now. The spring market place can be chaos so make sure to use your CRM and calendar. There is nothing worse than double booking or standing a client up. For 2021 make sure all your home buyers and home sellers know why they chose you to be their Reatlor®.

For 2021 make it your goal to either get a yes or a no out of every lead. Continue to build your relationships with clients. Foster new growth by getting more involved with your sphere of influence. Last but not least have fun in this wild market. I hope this helps you find more success in 2021. Make sure to check out our Podcast, Facebook Group, Newsletter, and website . If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comments below.