Blogging is a great way to share a lot of information and educate your audience. That said, it is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. The key to think of when deciding to blog or not is if you have the dedication and time to get it done. Simply blogging at random tends to be more of a waste of time than beneficial.

Blogging is something that should be done on a regular schedule. That way as you build an audience they do not run out of content. They can plan for their Friday fix or whatever day it is that you post. Blogging does not mean that you are a master writer but having some writing skills helps. The good part about blogging is that if you know a subject well it is as easy as opening up your mind to others.

When writing a blog you need to be entertaining and work on always switching up what you are writing about. The blog itself can help you become the authority on a subject proving you know a lot about it. Readers will see all your knowledge and be attracted to working with you. Another benefit of blogging is the SEO is can do for your website. When people are searching for materials on that subject they will run into your blog.

While blogging is not for everyone it can be a really fun time to have one. Whether you blog or not make sure to be doing some form of constant marketing that leads people back to your brand. Both a blog and a podcast can help your clients associate you as a thought leader in the industry. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please check out our Facebook group, Podcast, weekly newsletter, and website . Please leave any comments or questions below.