You’re moving and have everything packed, but have you thought about how to successfully move with your pets without too much stress? Pets can easily become stressed during a move. However, there are a few things that you can do to reduce your pet’s anxiety and to provide you with a peace of mind.

Plan Ahead 

Pets are family and pet owners are concerned for their comfort and safety when moving day arrives. As such, it is a good idea to plan ahead before the moving day in order to ensure that your pet is comfortable and doesn’t run away or stress during this transition. 

Make a Checklist of Moving Tasks

First make sure to call the vet, have your pet micro-chipped, research other veterinarians if you’re moving out of your former hometown. The vet can also provide you with some calming medication if your pet is very skittish and tends to run away. If you’re planning to transport your pet in a crate or carrier, take time to introduce them to it, especially if your dog or cat hasn’t been in their carrier in a while. This can be accomplished by adding a few treats to the carrier before the move so they can adjust easier, 

Next, Gather Up These Important Items

Make sure you know the different regulations for owning a pet. There might be additional pet fees and vaccinations that are required in your new town in order to register them. It might be best to put the following in one organized file just in case:

  • Vaccination records and health certificate
  • Rabies tags 
  • Food and toys
  • Emergency contact info for your current veterinarian


Keep Medication, Food, Water, and Toys Handy

Don’t pack pet medications, toys, a water bowl, and food until the day of the big move. As such, it is a good idea to have a box with all the necessities handy and set it aside. You might also want to keep this box near you when you move so that your pet sees and smells familiar things at his new home. 

Update Your Pet’s ID

Make sure that your pet is micro-chipped and is wearing a collar with an updated name tag with your phone number, especially in the weeks leading up to moving day.

Keep Them Comfy on Moving Day

The last thing you want to happen is your beloved furry friend escaping. In order to help with the chaos of moving boxes and movers running in and out your house, it’s a good idea to keep your dog or cat in a separate room with their toys, food, and carrier until the time comes to load them into the car. 

Book a Pet-Friendly Hotel 

If you’re moving to another state and you know that you might have to stay at a hotel to rest during the trip, make sure to reserve a pet-friendly hotel room well in advance so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Take Plenty of Stops on Car Rides

Pets need to take frequent stops, especially for very long car trips. Making frequent stops along the way to let your pet go to the bathroom, eat, and have some water would make your trip a little stressful. It might take a bit longer to reach your destination, but your pets will be less stressed and anxious!

Give Them Time to Adjust to New Surroundings

Help your pets transition to their new home by introducing them to each of the areas in the house. You should also surround them with their favorite toys and comfort items to give them a familiar scent to latch on to.

 Take your dog on a walk at the same time and stick to your regular feeding schedule so that they don’t get even more confused.

We’ll Help You Move Quickly and Easily

We hope these tips on moving with your pets was helpful! If you’re ready to buy or sell, let us know and Movementum Realty will make sure to provide you with additional details on how to make your move less stressful for both you and your pets!