Real Estate Marketing Ideas

One of the biggest mistakes made by all agents is spending endless time marketing to people who will likely never do business with them. They endlessly buy new marketing and scatter it about no different than one would use a salt shaker. It is time to focus in and narrow your search to a group that you can have a voice with and really make some progress. The best group of people to market to for any agent is your own sphere of influence. The next best group to market to can be figured out by taking time to look in the mirror and do some self reflecting.

When ever I speak with anyone about marketing they always want to talk about the massive amount of potential clients that could be their clients “if they only”. The truth is this is not true your best possible client is a much more defined group that would identify with you. One of the keys to getting this correct is to take the time to think of this group and then thinking about a marketing plan that works best for that group. Far to often agents look for a one size fits all marketing plan so they can put it in auto pilot and do what they enjoy doing the most which is just showing homes.

Often people have heard me say “We are a marketing company who happens to be good at selling homes”. What I mean by this is we as agents only sell hiring us as an agent and then we connect the buyers with homes. Most often when working in real estate you are not selling the home you are showing the home. The clients life determines items such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms they need and we work like a dating agency showing them good potentials that would meet their needs. Once you understand this concept you as an agent can stop spending so much time mastering the unnecessary and spend more time into the most important behavior in our industry which is lead generation.

marketing concept

marketing concept with financial graph and chart

Don’t get me wrong knowing how to be a great agent is important but without clients we have nothing to do. To often you will learn about friends, family, and other acquaintances buying or selling homes through other people. Why is that you ask? It is because you are spending to much time and effort into being a transaction expert and firing out random useless marketing on autopilot such as a post on Facebook asking which kitchen someone prefers this or that. What you need to work more often is your circle of influence and other people who have the same interests as you.

To often people think by telling everyone in their life once that they do real estate that those people will remember and use them when the time comes. That is wrong it is a game of always being front of mind. How you become front of mind is to flood that persons mind with the idea you do real estate through constant passive and active marketing. This means everything from the occasional “the other day in real estate” comment to the “Do you know anyone looking to buy or sell a home” direct referral request. I even suggest putting out marketing emails and standard mail items to friends and family on occasion. Some other things that can be done to remind the circle of influence what you do is giving away free swag, throwing parties and events, posting on social media, wearing your name badge, and so much more.

Repetition is the key to success in anything, often you hear the rule of seven or the rule of eight which says you must tell someone something seven or eight times before they remember what you said. Keep in mind most of us think we are far more important to other people than we really are and chances are they forgot what you do. The next time you see someone you know buy a home or sell a home without you I want you to think “that was my fault” and stop passing the blame or getting the poor me feeling. The best way to start a good marketing plan to your sphere of influence is to start using a good CRM or Customer Relationship Management software. Make sure to check out the next blog where I will put out a great plan to market to your sphere of influence and thank you for reading.Sphere of influence