It has now past February 23, 2020 and the new rules in Massachusetts have kicked in: you can no longer have a cell phone or device in your hands while driving. This includes picking it up to answer a call or even picking it up at a red light to see who messaged you. It is time to be safer on the road and not be a distracted driver.

Police will start giving warnings to drivers after this date up until March 31st. After that the first offense is $100 fine, a second offense is a $250 fine plus mandatory completion of a distracted driving educational program, and a third offense and after is a $500 fine, completion of the distracted driving educational program, and an insurance surcharge. So pull it over off of the road and then pick up your device.

If you really need to stay connected when on the road, your device needs to be mounted in a hands-free manner and you can only touch the device to activate the hands-free option. You can use a ear piece like a Bluetooth headset, in one ear only. This will allow you to still receive a call when driving. Other than many of the other options that can send a text using voice commands, everything else will have to wait. No more checking the Taco Bell app to see whats on special while driving there.

So where can you get a good selection of hands-free mounting and Bluetooth gear? Amazon of course! Amazon has a very wide variety and selection of gear. From mounts that slide in your vents or cup holders to Bluetooth devices that can turn your radio into your hands-free phone call. Get yourself a couple options. You don’t have to break the bank to be safe.