Tick – Tock – Tick – Tock – TikTok.

The time might have just arrived for you to jump on a new trend. A (fairly new) social media platform had tremendous growth in 2019 and judging from the reports of surpassing the 1.5 billion downloads already it might be time to jump aboard.

Think of TikTok as a super Snapchat. Users post short 15 second clips tagged with music and can post anything they want to grab hold of an audience. With 1.5 billion downloads that is a lot of short clips to watch. Yes, we have it installed on our phone and you can find some pretty interesting, funny, sad, information stuff on there.

So why jump on now?

Get in while the iron is hot. I have seen more and more celebrities, influencers, brands starting to show up on the front page. Now would be a good time to get in before your competition does! TikTok does have a small advertising platform to start placing ads on peoples front pages. I have seen the screenshots of the advertising platform and yes you can target by location and interests, and set daily budgets.

But is this not a platform for children?

No. You do have to be 13+ years or older to view the videos, 16+ to have an account, and 18 or under with adult supervision, but with 500 million active users worldwide and 52 minutes average spent on TikTok a day per user, you might not want to ignore it. A few reports we have seen at Marketing Reports and other Social Analytical Data sites show that the adult community (18+) is growing very fast.

Why not jump in and create some fun videos. At the very least get your brand awareness out there. Have fun with it. Make it memorable. Dip into advertising and grow your traffic.