This year has been an exceptionally bad year for mosquitoes and ticks. Normally the season starts as soon as frost is over and ends as the frost hits. Mosquitoes tend to be the first to go away as the cold nears with ticks being present even on warm winter days. Whenever you are out in nature at some point you are going to be exposed to both of these pests. Luckily in the modern day we have created organic solutions to deal with the issue. The question is are you protecting yourself and family from this threat?

Unknown Facts

  • Often people get ticks from their pets sleeping in their beds,  being on the furniture, or even just petting them.
  • Overgrown Brush on the edge of a lawn can drastically increase tick and mosquito populations
  • Bushes lining walkways to homes can be a highway to ticks to jump on you.
  • Ticks do not often travel far but ride on the backs of others to travel like hitchhikers.
  • Ticks love to be in deer bedding and so do mice. The mice carry the deer ticks from that bedding into your home. A mouse issue can lead to a tick issue.
  • Mosquitoes need water to lay their larva but can use something as small as a milk bottle cap.


  • Call a professional to have the yard treated organically like “All Organic Mosquito & Tick Control” find them at
  • Cut back brush along your property edge and burn or remove the brush piles they act as hiding places and bedding sites.
  • Trim the bushes back along the walkways.
  • Make sure if mice are present to treat them.
  • Make sure to bath pets regularly and protect them with the proper control measures.
  • Essential oils such as peppermint, cedar, lemon, and many others act as natural controls and even kill on contact.
  • Trimming trees to create more sun can push the bugs back.
  • Always do a spot check after being outdoors to ensure you do not have them on your body.
  • Treat small ponds and landscape features.
  • Always make sure to clear the water off everything outside to limit breeding areas.

While mosquitoes and ticks can be a real pest there are great ways to treat them. Here at Movementum Realty we firmly believe in organic controls like the ones “All Organic Mosquito & Tick Control” offers. If you go ahead and mention our name I am sure they will give you the V.I.P. treatment. We hope this blog helps you keep your family safe this summer. If you have not already listened to our podcast or joined our Facebook group “Homeownership” please make sure to do so. If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the feed below.