With everything that is going on in the world most of us are either stuck home or spending more time at home than ever. The good news is the real estate market is still on the up turn and properties are worth more money each day. Here are three projects that you and anyone else that is stuck at home can do to save money and increase the value of your property.


Often, we hire landscapers to do jobs like mulching, weeding, trimming shrubs and other things that we can do but simply do not have the time to do. As we all know one of the best ways to sell homes is to increase the curb appeal. Whether it is keeping the children outside and away from getting bored to just filling in extra time landscape can do this. Weeding and mulching is something that almost anyone can do that adds an instant wow factor to a property. While trimming the shrubs may take more of an artistic person it is still something that is a very easy way to increase the overall curb appeal of a property. One great thing about landscape work is the instant gratification as you see the project getting completed and looking at the before an after. While you are home for the time being this is an investment that will not only save you money but will also increase your property value and help it stick out in the marketplace.


Painting is an interesting in that when we look back in time people looked at a room needing to be painted and thought it would be $50-$100 but in this modern busy world often it is now looked at as $500-$1500 a room. The reason for this is no longer are people going and buying a gallon of paint and some brushes to do the job. They are now hiring pros and paying upwards of $50 an hour for the labor which leads to a massive price increase. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in making a home come alive and look more updated. Whether it be painting some old wood trim white to bring it up to the current times or throwing a fresh color in the living room to give it more pop, paint sells homes. This extra time at home may be a great time and excuse for you to give those old tired rooms a new facelift. Instead of selling your home as is give it a little love and get the most money for your home when you list.


During our normal day to day lives we are always in a rush and tend to put things in places they do not belong and then never notice till we need that item again. This leads to a messy look and a stockpile of value. Going through and organizing your items can not only make shelves and closets look bigger it can also make us notice we have things of value we no longer use. With so many websites made to sell items that we no longer need you may just find some real value in those piles of disorganized items. When showing homes buyers love to see space on our shelves and organized items in drawers so taking time to do this while you are around the house will certainly pay off. Save the money on a home organization expert and do it yourself today.


No matter who you are and how you live your life is going to have some interruption over the next few months. Take this time to spend more time with your family and roommates to make your home into a more special space for you. This investment of time will pay off in value in several ways from resale value to family value. Being stuck at home when done right can be a blessing in disguise. Use this time to grow as a family and create more value in your home. After all a house is just a house until you create a home. If you are looking for more advice on things to do while you are stuck at home please reach out to us and we can help.