No matter the agent it seems all of them want the same thing and that is listings. It seems to be the magical fruit or pill if you will that agents think will cure their business and lead to growth. While the truth is listings do help you grow there is a hidden truth behind it all. Lots of people will tell you getting listings is challenging or that someone is well connected and that is why they do well. One thing you do not often hear from agents is wow that other agent is creative or that agent works hard. Why is this and what can you do to get listings?

FSBO, Expired, Canceled, Withdraw

Do you pay attention to each one of these marketplaces? Do you check and scour the internet for them and then chase them to get the listing? NO!? Then what are you doing? This is a huge segment of the marketplace that is just begging to meet the right agent that can get the job done. Not sure what to do? Well work hard on training for these and check out our Podcast “Real Facts on Real Estate” for more ideas. Making calls gets connections period if you are not out working the phones other agents are and taking that business.


Per the CDC in 2017 7,078 people died per day in the USA. One could argue with all these deaths that a lot of homes are left vacant and in need to sell. Yes, sometimes the person who inherits the home will take the home in move in but most often it hits the market. How do you position yourself to get these sales? Do you have a network of estate attorneys that you regularly socialize with? Are you checking the obituaries and then looking up the public record and reaching out? If not the real question is why. If you feel guilty then you do not understand or believe in your value and the sellers of the estate will not either. If you convey that you are going to help them sell the home for the most money and the best terms possible for them that may catch their ear. Do not go into these sales feeling guilty for what already happened. Be the professional and learn to help your clients through any time no matter how challenging.

Bank Owned

Every day banks foreclose on homes and then need to sell them. While some banks have long standing contracts others sell off their property through agents that they have relationships with. As you build your networking group make sure to make friends with people who are in the positions of power for this at small local banks. Bank owned sales can be challenging and here in Massachusetts are not massively common currently but a change in market can lead to more bank owned properties. No matter what even if you cannot get these listings right away it is worth learning about and continuing to pursue because in time you will at minimum be purchasing bank owned property with clients. Bank owned is just one more place that listings go and hide and tend to go to one key player it is about how to become that key player.


While chasing listings is never easy it always leads to meeting more buyers and your business growing. Put everything you learned in this blog to practice and you too could be a listing pro. If you liked this blog and want more make sure to check out my recent Podcast. Thank you for reading today and make sure to subscribe to our podcast and newsletter “Real Facts on Real Estate” as well as join our Facebook group to keep this conversation going. Make sure to leave all your comments below.