When selling a home every seller shares a few things in common from wanting the most money possible to wanting the deal to go fast and smooth. Lots of time in the quest of achieving these goals the sellers go the extra mile and put some work into the home. The risk of this is if you do not know what to do or how it will change your value you could potentially spend a dollar to get seventy cents back. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to use a trusted real estate agent to advise you on the process. At Movementum Realty our “Move Mentors” are trained on this subject and ready to help. Here are three proven winners that can be done cheap and reap great rewards for the seller.

Seal Coating

Curb appeal is a huge part of selling a property as it is our first impression. In time driveways fade in color and sometimes develop cracks. Seal coating a driveway and using crack filler can prolong the life of the driveway adding value to the home. Another thing that happens when you seal coat is cosmetically the driveway looks newer and more appealing.  Seal coating is something that does not take a lot of talent and just requires labor. For this job it is certainly something that could be a do it yourself project or you could field some quotes and get it done for a great price. If you are looking to seal coat your driveway yourself turn on a quick YouTube video and then run over to the local hardware store for the supplies.

House Washing

With so many homes being made out on vinyl siding, wooden shingles, aluminum, and other washable materials one of the easiest ways to give the home a face lift is to wash it. Most people think the only way to wash a home is a pressure washer and ladder. There are many new hose end products that you spray on and rinse off with great results. When washing a home make sure to watch some videos about it and use extreme caution. Another option is to look locally for home washing companies and get a few quotes. Home washing companies know what they are doing, and most offer a warranty or guarantee on their work. If it is in the budget the best choice is to hire out on this one and do some other easier jobs around the house.


Paint is one of the easiest ways to make a place look great and is cheap as well as relatively easy to do. Paint can be as inexpensive as $40 or so a room and have the effect of a fully remodeled look. When selling a home, you want to choose neutral colors that you know are currently trending. Remember this paint job is about selling and not about what you like. Paint is something that not only can make a home look younger it also can be a hinge point on financing when the appraisal happens. Both VA and FHA have an issue with homes with peeling or chipping paint so making sure all the surfaces are covered with a good coat of paint can help you secure the financing for the buyer of your home. Painting is something I highly recommend doing on your own to save money but if you can not make sure to get a lot of quotes. When looking over the quotes make sure to ask questions about what is included such a prep work. Remember painting over peeling or chipping paint, cracks, or holes will not fix them it will just make it look messy with a fresh coat of paint. Instead of going on the market with that tired old paint reach out to one of our “Move Mentors” and they will guide you towards a new paint selection.

Closing Statement

Getting ready to sell a home can be a confusing process to go through so never do it alone. All of Movementum Realty’s agents are trained in helping people get ready to sell. If you are looking to sell, make sure to reach out to us and we will connect you with one of our “Move Mentors”. For more great info on buying, selling, and owning a home check out some of our other blogs and tune in to our Podcast “Homeownership”.