Owning a home can be a lot of work to keep up with it all. One thing we suggest is to break it down into manageable projects. With summer here let’s look at some outdoor projects that are fun and can increase the value of your home. Remember if you wait till everything needs attention it is usually too late because we only have so much time to get things done.

Curb Appeal For Real

When people are thinking about buying a home the first impression is a big part of the transaction. In the industry we refer to it as “curb appeal” because it is what you can see from the road. Plantings, lawns, driveway, and much more go into the curb appeal name and attract more buyers. Now let’s talk about three things you can do to increase your value.


During this time of the year it is a bit late in the season for most plantings so that means things go on sale. The same perennial that was $12 in flower is now on the $5 buck rack. Perennials come back every year with more vigor so buy it now and take advantage of a good deal. Each time we add more plants to the yard with flowers we make the curb appeal increase. Make sure if you are planting in the summer heat that you make sure to water the plants based on it’s needs.

Seal Coating

Seal coating and crack filling is a great way to prolong the life of the driveway and increase the curb appeal. People appreciate homes that have well taken care of driveways and are willing to pay more money for them. Driveways are very expensive and when taken care of they can last a long time. If you have children or anyone who wants to play in the driveway having a smooth surface without cracks makes all the difference. Do not forget also to always clear the sand and debris off of pavement especially before seal coating and before & during winter. Failure to do so can lead to moisture building up, freezing, and ultimately cracking your driveway. This project is fun, easy, and cheap. You can run right up to the local hardware store and find everything you need to complete this project.

Brush Cut

This is a great time of the year to notice where the woods line is encroaching on the lawn. You can notice the spots as you mow the lawn that branches hang in more than ever. Simply taking out the saw and some pruners and cutting back the edge by three to five feet can really make the yard feel a lot larger. Keep in mind that plants are always growing and that cleared lot with the wooded edge you bought years ago can be a jungle if not maintained. Cut the brush now and let the brush dry so you can burn it during burn season.

Working in the yard should be fun. If it is not fun to you then make sure to hire someone to take care of the projects. Taking care of the exterior of your home is even more important than the inside because it is alive and exposed to the elements. I hope this blog gave you some fun ideas to work on your home. If you enjoyed it please check out our Podcast and Facebook Group “Homeownership”. Also please leave any questions or comments in the feed below.