It is easy to see we all have expenses and spend most of our time and focus on limiting those expenses. Sometimes this comes at the expense of the growth of our business. Tools are something that cost money and improve our overall performance. Tools come in many different forms and each of them saves you money and makes you more efficient. Time is money so by saving time we now can take more things on. One cool thing you will learn about in this blog is the fact that there are free places to invest in yourself.

Reading & Learning

Reading is one great way to invest in yourself for little to no money. Whether you listen to podcasts like “Real Facts on Real Estate”, read books, use eBooks, or watch videos you are learning. When you have downtime, it is the time to learn more so when you get back to work you are working smarter. Keep in mind R&D in the old days meant research and develop where most commonly now it means rip off and duplicate. Not always do you have to use brute force and original ideas to succeed in business. Most often reading and studying can teach you what to do and what not to do by others’ previous experiences. I am not saying never to be original but be willing to learn from others who have already played the game.


We all hear about technology in real estate daily. We learn that we should use CRMs, phones, computers, apps, social media, and so much more. The truth is we take on so much of it we never properly learn how to operate any of it. I suggest you invest some time into exploring the systems your brokerage already offers. At Movementum Realty we offer our agents a start of the art CRM system to help enhance them as agents allowing them to take their sales to the next level. No matter where you hang your license or work in real estate there is technology. Learn to take the time to train on how to use the tech and it will pay you back tenfold with freeing up time. Constant struggle with technology is one of the largest drains on modern day real estate professionals. Learn to harness what you already have, and you will increase your sales in no time.


Getting up a tad bit earlier, working out a little more, eating a little better, and all else you can do for your health will pay off the greatest. The body is the best tool we have for working in real estate. Since we solely rely on being here in order to do our job it seems apparent that investing in this would be important, but the truth is working in real estate makes for a busy life. Make sure to take the time and the money needed to take care of your body. Remember just doing a little bit better each day will lead to great results. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Keep in mind if you make health changes in a small and sustainable manner you will always be improving. Life as a real estate professional is a challenge so make sure to keep your body well rested and ready for a challenge.


While all of these ideas are free, they are not free from work. Investing in yourself is crucial to taking your business to that next level. Make sure to always hold yourself accountable and set goals so you can measure your gains. For each of your struggles the reward will be even greater if you keep pressing on. I hope you enjoyed this blog and please make sure to check out our podcast and Facebook group “Real Facts on Real Estate. If you do not want to miss an episode also sign up for our newsletter. Thank you for reading and make sure to comment below.